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The Road of Empires

The Road of Empires - Путешествие из России в Монголию

The wide space that goes from Central Europe to China carries the history of ourculture and conceals amazing beauties. The name of its cities, its monuments, its heroes, its mountains and its deserts make us dream of adventure. But this territory is also the land of the tragedies of the past century. Nowadays it is still little and badly known.

Moscow - Caspian Sea - Ulaan-Baatar (Mongolia):

2 motorbikes, 2 months (June to August 2010)
14,000 kilometres on Ural side-cars on the road of the old empires of Central Asia
1 objective: Get £14,000 of donations for 14,000 km for the benefit of two charities: Hermano Pedro School and SOS Children, one of whose orphenages is located in Ulaan Baatar (ultimate stage of our trip)
Двое энтузиастов Ракеты предприняли грандиозное путешествие на мотоциклах из Москвы в Монголию.

Цель путешествия-собрать средства для благотворительных фондов, один из которых находится в Улан-Баторе.

За два месяца они должны были преодолеть 14000 км.
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