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«Намедни» с Леонидом Парфеновым — Русские часы

Russian Watches Raketa in 1966

 Леонид Парфенов рассказывает о Петродворцовом часовом заводе и о самой щеголськой сверхплоской модели Ракеты 1966-го года.

Commented by one of Russia’s most famous TV Star: Leonid Parfionov.

You may see in this video old footages from the Petrodvorets watch factory from 1966. This is how  old Soviet Watch factory looked before. Interesting also are the drawings from the design departement — hand made — The factory still has all these old designs in its archives. The Petrodvorets watch factory has Russia’s biggest watch industry archive and probably one of the biggest in the world

Description / описание : Леонид Парфенов рассказывает о Петродворцовом часовом заводе "Ракета"
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