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Bill Swan

Bill Swan

Благодарим Билл Свон за поддержку Петродворцового Часового Завода «Ракета»!

Приобретайте часы «Ракета» в лучших магазинах России!


«Thank you for your excellent personal service to international customers.  It shows Raketa very well within the watch industry.

Best regards, Bill and Sarah Swan

You may wish to add this for interest: 

In 1977, when I was 10 years old, my parents said they would buy me my first watch. The choice of model was mine (within a price range).  I chose a SEKONDA branded Raketa 2609.HA.  I still have this watch with its box; photo attached.  I have always understood design and mechanical quality and the elegant face and highly jewelled, shock proof mechanism attracted me.  Back then watches from the various USSR factories, branded SEKONDA, were popular in Britain as they were excellent quality and affordable.  Much better than British-made mechanical TIMEX for the same price!

During the past 8 years I have collected over 200 watches and clocks from all the various former USSR factories via reliable sellers in Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Belarus.  My collection represents cultural, political, military, scientific and technical moments in history from Imperial Russian days with Pavel Bure and George Favre Jacot Swiss watches for the Russian market, an early 1GChZ GosChasZavod pocket watch, 1st and 2nd Moscow ‘Type 1’s and then many others, all of special significance, up to the present day.  I do intend to catalogue them on a web site like other collectors have, so others can see and appreciate these pieces of history.

Best regards, Bill.»

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